Hanabishi Infrared Ceramic Cooker HA1898IRC
Price RM219.00

Hanabishi Infrared Ceramic Cooker HA1898IRC

Product Specification

- Model: HA1898IRC
- Color: Black
- Material: Plastic and high quality crystal plate
- Control: Digital touching button
- Feature(s): Use infrared technology
- Warranty: 1 Year

Product Description

- The ideal cooker to complete your kitchen. It is easy to use. Just turn it on and you can fry your favourite chicken wings or mutton curry! Thanks to its infrared technology, you won’t feel the heat on the cooker, too.
- Easy to use digital temperature control that can be adjusted according to your cooking needs.
- Its indicator light will also alert you when the desired temperature is reached so you don't have to monitor it frequently.
- An added plus point for those who dislike cleaning dirty pots or attending to dirty dishes. This multi-function cooker is easy cleaning, thus there’s no need to worry about sticky leftovers or if you have overcooked something and it leaves stains in the cooker because you can just wash them away as easy as A, B, C!.
- Multi Cooking Functions: Boil, Stew, Grill, Fry & Hot-Pot.